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Beautiful California/Beautiful Family

The recent fires have definitely affected the locations I typically shoot at, but this setting is as gorgeous as ever. Standing here just miles from where so much was lost reminds me that there is always hope and beauty prevails.  Seemed fitting to be surrounded by this much beauty with this beautiful family. LOVE seeing...

LA Arts District

I always love photographing this family, we go to the greatest locations and they are so fun to work with! And these boys…I adore these boys, they make every shoot fun with their great attitudes!!! 

Good People Know Good People

I can honestly say I do not have one negative story to tell when it comes to the people I’ve worked with. I’ve been incredibly fortunate! So it doesn’t surprise me when people who are referred to me by other clients are lovely! Good people just attract good people and it’s been just a trail of...

These Three ♥

Hard to decide who I adore more, Benjamin, William, or Heather, so I’m going with ALL three!!! I’ve seen certain people so many times that nothing about their shoots feels like work, I’m very lucky!

Beautiful New Clients

Absolutely loved meeting this family, they were so relaxed and fun to work with. These boys are beautiful with personalities to match! Love this location, haven’t photographed a family here yet. Will definitely be returning the Pasadena to shoot again at City Hall!!

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