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Beautiful Girls

What else can I say other than I LOVE these gorgeous girls and I LOVE this shoot! I literally watched Rebecca grow up, so it’s extra beautiful to see her in her element with her girls (who are simply perfection). Btw, I love nature, but a beautifully lit room is pretty magical too!

A Very Sweet Afternoon

Well, I thought photographing their wedding was an honor, but then this happened to take it up a notch! Seeing these two with their son and seeing their softer yet stronger sides emerge in the presence of little Sherman is a wonderful thing to witness. Sometimes life if just as it should be!!! And some...

These Three

Is there anything sweeter than a couple in love who just had their first baby? You can practically touch the love between these three. 🙂 Hope to get the chance to watch them all grow together. Beautiful setting and a beautiful family. Little Eva seems to have brought a world of happiness with her!


One of my absolute favorite quotes is, “three things remain with us from paradise: stars, flowers and children” (Dante Alighieri). Those are my three favorite things. This baby embodies paradise, his peaceful presence is proof of that. Congratulations to these wonderful new parents. Their love for beautiful little Eli will take them to places they...


All shoots with kids have their magical and not so magical moments. The trick is to make it look like that isn’t the case! You have a very limited window with children. Sometimes there isn’t even a window because they might be tired, sick, or simply because they never agreed to being a part of this...

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