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Newborn Fun!

This was one of the easiest newborn shoots I’ve had in a while. With that being said, let me tell you the facts…mom and dad only had about two hours of sleep the night before, their adorable daughter gave us about 15 minutes of her time, as gorgeous as their house is, it doesn’t offer much...

Welcoming This Beautiful Newborn

Newborns are an entirely different challenge, the key is to photograph them in the first two weeks when they are their sleepiest. Typically at this stage they are so sleepy that you can position them in all sorts of cute ways and mold them like putty. However, this little guy had different plans, he has too...

Lovely little Luna & Her Beautiful Mommy

Lucky me, I got to photograph Luna when she was still in her mommy’s tummy and now that she is three months old!  She has the world in the her eyes and seems to be taking in all the magic life has to offer!  LOVE these two!  Babies are definitely proof that the world is...

One & Wonderful

Sweet little Benjamin!  Capturing little people from about one to three years old is a crazy challenge!  These little people are fast, curious and hard to hold still, you have to be willing to follow them and throw out most of your ideas of what you want to achieve.  They are in control and they...

Oh Henry!

All newborns are sweet, but this one is especially sweet!  Little angel.

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