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Bringing the Love

This sweet family gave me exactly what I needed from them, just show up, be loving with each other, and have fun!!! It’s really that simple and that’s what I tell everyone. Couldn’t have been an easier shoot!

Bringing the Sunshine

When you wake up to an uncharacteristically cold, dreary, sunshine-less summer morning it’s a pretty big obstacle for natural light photos. With deep pockets of shadows and purple light, you really have to create your own sunshine. I completely attribute these photos (which I love SO much) to this beautiful family. They managed to create...

Beautiful Girls

What else can I say other than I LOVE these gorgeous girls and I LOVE this shoot! I literally watched Rebecca grow up, so it’s extra beautiful to see her in her element with her girls (who are simply perfection). Btw, I love nature, but a beautifully lit room is pretty magical too!


One of the most difficult things for parents to do on their shoot is to remain relaxed, I’m sure every parent understands why! However, these two parents seem to have figured out the most zen way of getting the job done. Their relaxed, calm nature made me adore them instantly and made my job so...

Five Times

When you photograph a family year after year you run the risk of not being able to outdo the previous year, but these gorgeous people make it very easy for me to be happy year after year!! 🙂 These kids are the perfect mix of beautiful, silly, crazy, & fun!

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