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Almost Four

Just a little over a year ago I photographed this gorgeous couple when their little girl was still cooking in her mommy’s tummy. Little Mackenzie is a beacon of happiness and light, what a dream shoot! I can’t imagine this unit getting any cuter, but it’s about to happen! Can’t wait to meet their little guy.

First child

There is just something so magical about two people expecting their first child. This pretty mommy is especially glowing.  Such a great session and a great location, UCLA, her old stomping grounds. This little guy is going to have some serious bragging rights since he gets to tell his friends that his daddy is a fireman!...

Expecting Luna

Have I mentioned how much I love photographing expecting parents? This gorgeous couple is expecting a baby girl named Luna. Clearly her name already suits her, since this was one of my dreamiest sessions. Her beautiful mommy is a mix between Raquel Welch and Cindy Crawford (in their prime of course!). Her dad was very hesitant to...

Susan, Gideon & …

Having a baby is magical, but having your first baby is beyond comprehension! This beautiful couple is about to have their world’s turned upside down in so many ways! Amongst the struggles that face all new parents, they will have moments of clarity and love that honestly they can’t imagine right now. No one can...

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