Keeping Things Fresh

What I love most about my work is all the different jobs I get. When my kid’s amazing dentist asked about having pictures taken of her office, it seemed like the perfect change of pace. I love taking pictures of people, but let’s face it, I just love taking pictures whether it’s faces or spaces!

I have to plug our dentist for one reason and one reason only, she is wonderful and so is her partner! Together they have managed to create an environment where kids feel safe, taken care of, and loved. How many dentists can you say that about?? They have two locations, one in Calabasas and this particular location is in Encino. If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Harmer and Dr. Rumack visit their website at

I’ve already told her, wherever they go, we will follow! And on a side note, this office is so cute, it’s more like visiting Seaside, FL than going to the dentist’s office! 🙂


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