The most important thing to consider when choosing clothing for your maternity session is to choose clothing that flatters that gorgeous belly!  No need to go too fancy. As with all shoots, the clothing you choose should reflect your personal style. Patterns should be subtle as to not over power the image or distract from or disguise the belly.  Horizontal stripes are challenging as they tend to make even the not pregnant woman look wider from different angles than she is!  If you do choose stripes, please make them subtle and possibly not floor length dresses, consider layering a solid colored sweater over the striped shirt/dress to break up the stripes.

What you wear sets the tone for your pictures.  Your clothing should 100% reflect your own personal style, whether your style is conservative and classic or funky and street!

Although I’m not a fan of matching outfits, I do think that colors should coordinate. I suggest staying in the same color family, such as spring colors, fall colors, etc. Keeping colors neutral and finding one color to use as a pop of color is a wonderful option. Same rules apply with coordinating colors as mentioned for family shoots. (click here)

Here are some examples I found along with some of my own images for inspiration.




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