What to Wear – Family Sessions

“What should we wear?” this is the most common question I get and honestly the one that matters most!  What you wear sets the tone for your pictures.  Your clothing should 100% reflect your own personal style, whether your style is conservative and classic or funky and street!

Although I’m not a fan of matching outfits, I do think that colors should coordinate. I suggest staying in the same color family, such as spring colors, fall colors, etc. Keeping colors neutral and finding one color to use as a pop of color is a wonderful option…as seen below:


Start with Mom! Starting with mom is sometimes the best place to start!  I advise mothers to shop for themselves first. Find an outfit that you love and then revolve the others around yours. I see mothers all the time, who decide at the last second about what they are going to wear and they aren’t pleased. This experience should be fun and you should feel great! Women should dress to flatter their body types. All too often I see women trying to hide their bodies behind bulky, loose fitting clothing, that just makes you look bigger than you are. I suggest getting your hair and make-up done to make you feel even more beautiful (plus professional make-up photographs beautifully!).



Don’t ignore Dad! I have to be honest, it drives me crazy how so often the dads show up wearing the most boring outfits! Dads these days are stylish and should look just as good as anyone. They can still be casual (which I promise helps them get on board with having their pictures taken!). Most dads are literally just going along for the ride, but if they are wearing clothes they feel good it really helps. Pleated pants are a bad choice for any guy no matter how fit they are and should be avoided since they add bulk in places no one needs! Keep it casual, but stylish:


How to dress you kids. Ok, so this becomes a big dilemma for many parents. Many of us have very strong willed children who won’t wear what we want them to wear. Kids show up all the time angry about what they are wearing and often they are wearing a great outfit with the absolute worst shoes because they refused to wear the shoes you were insisting on. I have found that getting the kids involved (if they are old enough) can help. Have two options for them to choose from so they feel like they are part of the process. Make sure the shoes you’ve chosen are comfortable.  First and foremost make sure they like what they are wearing! If you have a girl who likes dresses then great, but if she is more of a tomboy then let her express that!

Too often parents go for formal attire which is fine, but honestly not necessary!  I love stylish and playful over formal.  Give the kids an opportunity to play dress up with their choices.  Offer hats, bags, headbands, rain boots, even a super hero cape if they have fun with it!  You can never go wrong with adding a bohemian flare to a girl’s outfit with a simple organic flower wreath headband!





Have fun with picking out your clothes, it’s not every day you get your picture taken! Search Pinterest for inspiration, there are tons of great ideas there. I found most of these images on line and from Gymboree, Old Navy & Target, so there’s no need to spend too much! Send me pictures of what your considering if you need advice.



Some things to keep in mind:

  • Dress like yourselves, but at your best!
  • Logos are not good!
  • Too much color can dominate the pictures, go for only a pop of color.
  • Accessories are good, but shouldn’t be over done.
  • Dress to flatter your body, don’t hide your curves.
  • Stripes are so fun, but keep your body type in mind when choosing horizontal stripes.
  • Accentuate your best features!
  • Wear comfortable shoes since taking pictures with me requires some exploring of our environment.
  • Make sure you feel great in what you’ve chosen.
  • Consider getting your hair & make-up done.
  • Hair cuts should be done two weeks prior to your session.
  • Consider your home decor, prints will be displayed in your home so keep that in mind in terms of color!
  • Ask for advice if you need it.

Happy Shopping!

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