Hi - I'm Carolyn, a Los Angeles based photographer. Blissful southern California is the place I've always called home.


My love of photography began at the age of 12 ~ I knew I found my place the second I looked through the lens. Turning my passion into a successful profession has been one of the greatest joys of my life. When my camera is in my hand, I feel at peace.


I find inspiration in the beauty, honesty and simplicity of my subjects. Being out in nature is my sanctuary and motivates much of my work and laid back style. I'm a bit of hippie at heart so my bohemian aesthetic is present in most of what I shoot.


Challenging myself to photograph a variety of subjects keeps my passion thriving. I love being open to multiple artistic ventures ranging from branding and portrait photography to my most recent endeavor, intimate photography. Empowering women to feel sexy, strong, and beautiful is truly inspiring!


Creating art with photos transports me to a place of joy, exploration, and freedom. Open heart.